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Meet Imam Ilir Koka

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Ilir Koka was born and raised in Dallas, TX he was raised by parents who migrated to the United States and just like many Albanians, became involved in the Restaurant industry. He grew through the struggles of the American lifestyle as many of us have and the pressures of trying to keep within our cultural and religious beliefs. Growing up he became involved with Music and he was a popular Rap artist but through Allah’s guidance, quickly realized that lifestyle was not for him and was guided to the path of Islam and continued his journey.

He studied at the prestigious, Imam Muhammad Saudi Islamic University, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and received his BA in Islamic studies and many ijazas in the science of hadith, Creed, Quran , Arabic, and other texts. He also received in Islamic creed, two diplomas in Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

He continued his journey back at home at the Islamic center of South Dallas where he learned the art of dawah and inviting many to Allah. He continued on to Good Tree Academy as Head of Islamic Studies; where, he spent five years teaching the importance of Islam on a day to day life in America thru sacrifice of his own time; while, sponsoring weekend gatherings of fun, sports and learning at the middle school level.

Imam Ilir went on to organize the Islamic Institute of Texas and also became the Imam at Masjid Albani (Xhamia Shqipetare of DFW) where he continues to teach the laws and practices of Islam and Prayer to the Muslim Albanian Community; where, he is calling home for five years now and will continue to educate the community on Islamic Traditions as well as keeping with our Muslim Albanian traditions.

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